About Me

Hi hi! I’m Carson Martinez. I’m a licensed esthetician living in Vineyard, Utah with my husband Sergio and my dog Sanders! I created Bright Eyed Lash in 2017 after I graduated esthetics school. I’ve built a fiercely loyal lash clientele that I am so proud to have! I’ve been through every situation that the lash artist life can throw at you. Lashing has given me immeasurable confidence, purpose and passion.
I’ve wanted to be an educator since the first day I started doing lash extensions. It was the dream I never knew I had! When creating my courses I wanted to encompass everything that a lash course SHOULD be. It should be so informationally rich but also customized to you. Also, I felt that my past instructors wouldn’t know me from Sally off the street. I wanted a mentor that I could feel comfortable asking questions— because I had a lot! One-on-one quality time is my jam. I, myself, learn and teach best this way!
A quality and complete curriculum with a personable one-on-one experience is the best possible way to learn lashes. It’s been so fulfilling to create exactly that! My students mean the world to me. Their success makes me so happy!
Thank you for being here to support my own dreams! I can’t wait to help you get to yours <3