Bright Eyed Lash School Packages

Omg you’re here! Thank you so much for your interest in Bright Eyed Lash School. Being a lash trainer has been one of my dreams for a long time so I can’t thank you enough for being a part of it! Here are the details of what is included in the three packages of BELS. Choose your favorite and let’s get you enrolled!
A private, one-on-one training just me, you and lashes!
My trainings are for currently licensed cosmetologists or estheticians OR students in cosmetologist or esthetician programs only!
*Two person semi-private trainings available upon request*
Bright Eyed Lash HQ in
Vineyard, UT 
Check the Get Enrolled page for available dates!



Here are the three packages I offer, each including an immaculate handpicked student kit:


PhD Package:

Bright Eyed Lash’s most popular package! The Mack Daddy package of all packages. A complete two-day course covering every topic. Not a tip or technique left behind. Classic, Hybrid and Volume techniques covered extensively. Mentoring to the next level! What makes this course different from other packages is the Bring Your Own Model portion where I will coach you through a full set of any type of lashes on a model of your choosing for real-life lashing exposure. This package covers every aspect of a career in lashing that you’ll need to be successful. Lunch included each day!

PhD Price: $1,500


Masters Package 

A 1.5 day course made perfect for you lash artists with some experience under your belts. This package includes lots of extra time spent on learning the “behind the scenes” portions of a lash business. You will leave with the knowledge of how to customize your lash sets for each client and how to Pro-make your volume fans— a technique all lash artists need under their belts. We will also cover how to take professional level photos of your work and how to edit them to attract your dream clients. Last but certainly not least, is learning “The Client Experience”. This is what I specialize in and will teach you how to give your clients an unforgettable experience. Lunch included on day one!

Masters Price: $1,300


Bachelors Package

Already have a flourishing lash business but want to learn the Bright Eyed way? This package is a one-day training focused on shadowing of classic, hybrid and volume techniques. Pick my brain! A great way to go if you need re-inspiration in your own lash business! Not recommended for beginners. Lunch included!

Bachelors Price: $1,100


Some Topics Covered in Bright Eyed Lash Courses:

(But Not Limited To)

Safety and Sanitation, Product Knowledge, Different Types of Eyelash Extensions, Taping Techniques, Adhesive, Allergies vs. Irritations, Eyelash Growth Cycle, Isolation, Placing Extensions, Lash Health, Classic Lashes, Volume Lashes, Hybrid Lashes, Designing, Lash Mapping, The Process from Start to Finish, Fills, Texture & Layers, Removals, The Client Experience, Aftercare, All things Instagram and Branding, Taking Photos/Editing, Setting Up Your Lash Room, Policies, What You Can Earn/ Setting Your Prices, Accounting, Building a Clientele


How To Enroll:

Click Here

Browse the available dates, and select your desired package and corresponding payment option (pay in full or deposit payment only) or check out with Affirm.


50% non-refundable deposit payment due to reserve your date/spot (if not paying with Affirm).
You can, of course, pay in full at time of enrollment if you’d like.
Remaining 50% due one week before class starts. An invoice will be sent to your email for your remaining balance approximately two weeks before your start date as a reminder.
If tuition is not payed in full 7 days before class start date, your spot will be automatically forfeited with no deposit refund.
*Semi- Private or two student trainings available upon request. Email or text for more info*



 What do I need to do to legally perform eyelash extension services?

Check with your state regulations and requirements, but for Utah you need either a basic esthetician’s license (600 hours), a master esthetician’s license (1,200 hours), or a cosmetologist license (2,000 hours). This course is a certification, which isn’t required by law but is so important to have a hands on lash education as most beauty schools do not include a lash training by a professional, if any. If you are a student in any of these licensing courses, you can’t charge clients as a professional but you are able to learn, practice and get certified.


What is the difference between a license and a certification?
A license is what you obtain through your state licensing division. It is required in most states, but some are not regulated. To obtain your license, you must complete a certain amount of hours of either an esthetician or cosmetologist program ranging from 600-2000 hours. Then, you will take a practical and written exam. Once passed, you have your license! You can technically legally perform eyelash extension services. BUT that doesn’t mean that you should. If you haven’t been certified by a reputable brand or trainer through your school, you will need a certification. Although it is not legally required to have a certification, it is so important. Most licensing programs treat lashes like an afterthought and are taught by someone who isn’t experienced themselves. This is where a certification comes in! License is required, certification is not, but they are both equally important. But, make sure to check your state’s regulations so you go about it the right way!


If I’m a student in an esthetician or cosmetology program can I take your certification?
YES! Absolutely. I had my first certification in school. Although until you have your license, you cannot legally professionally charge for your services. It’s all tips and free practice until you obtain your license. It is your responsibility to perform lash extension services lawfully!
I have little to no previous education on lashes. Which package is best for me?
PhD is the way to go. The extra time that you get with this package will be so beneficial to you to absorb more knowledge and get the BYOM portion to get some good coaching in.
I already know how to do lashes, but I want to learn the Bright Eyed way. Which package is best for me?


Either the Bachelors or Masters packages will be the way to go for you. The one-on-one mentoring that the Masters package offers is a great way to reignite your passion for lashing and get some new ideas, learn my tips and tricks for taking your business to the next level and making yourself stand out. Since you know at least the basics, the shorter packages can be a great supplement to your previous education!
Do you offer payment plans?
Affirm is available for students who would like to enroll now but pay over time. Just click on the Affirm button under the course price to get started with Affirm!
What is included in my student kit?
Everything you need to perform lash extensions minus your magical talents! Each kit comes with my manual Bright Eyed Bible, and is for you to study and refer back to for your whole career. You will receive hand-tested tweezers. Supplies such as tape, gel pads, brushes, adhesive, tiles/palettes and eyelash extension trays for both classic and volume lashing. Only Bright Eyed tried and true products are included. All of this in a convenient school backpack!